The Benefit Of Wood Toys February 17, 2016

The benefit of wood toys is undeniable advantages. First, the great material, wood. Ideal to awaken the senses, it is soft, pleasant to touch and especially if it is strong, it is solid. It can be kept as a childhood memory or transmitted to subsequent generations. They are fun and educational, creativity and spirit of the child develops. It is also used in schools, kindergartens, and even households to stimulate memory, for example … If it is enough, often wood from sustainably managed forests. The finishes are a vegetable oil (e.g., flax), and dyes used predominantly water-based, no health risk. Finally, we can easily find a wooden toy made in France or Europe and, in my opinion, is a real guarantee of quality.

Traditional wooden toys are timeless. Give these toys and games to children can have lots of fun and educational benefits. What are the advantages?
Despite all the new toys that appear in the field each year, traditional wooden toys still high value on many wish lists of parents. Games and new toys can be brightly colored plastic and can be built with sophisticated technology, but it seems that there is a place for wooden toys in the heart of the most kids. This type of games and classic toys are often considered to have educational benefits as well as a match. Why do parents and children like so much?
There are different types of games to choose from, and wooden toys. Some traditional designs to follow and occurred steadily over many years. Many new models incorporate elements of the latest toys and games. Popular types of toys and games include:

Walker, tricycles and small bikes.
Lace and puzzles.
Mechanical traction.
Building blocks.
Wooden train, farms, cities, dollhouses, kitchenettes, castles and groups of people.
Board games and educational
Musical instruments.
The educational benefits of wooden toys
Many toys of this kind are often designed to provide superior educational development than other toys. They may, for example, help to promote:
Fine and gross motor skills.
Play of the imagination.
Development of hand-eye coordination.
Problem-solving skills and bewilderment.
Spatial awareness.
The shape and color recognition

For example, a child playing with a simple set of wooden building blocks you can get more information on the remaining balance of its remaining parts, shapes and maybe improve their fine motor skills that build things.
The fact is that wooden toys can last for years if events and many children visiting their grandparents playing with toys that their parents used when they were young are fine. Some become heirlooms that are enjoyed from generation to generation.
The real toy determines that they can develop educational factors. All wooden toys have some educational benefit and development.
For example, wooden puzzles can help develop eye-hand coordination and joint problem solving. Of course, puzzles made of different materials offer the same benefits, but the wood is stronger and more sustainable, and can offer more playing time.
Anything that stimulates the process of discovery and learning will improve the educational process and development of children. Wooden toys of all kinds can fall into this category.
Wooden toys are very versatile and are suitable for children to be able to create new games with them every time they play with them. For this reason, the children will always return to play with these toys. This makes wooden toys an excellent choice to add to the life of every child.…

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